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  • Precision diagnostics within touch

    Precision diagnostics within touch

    Core-lab precision
    hs-cTnI ≤0.006ng/ml
    Results in 15 minutes
  • Hardcore Innovation

    Hardcore Innovation

    Versatile bead separation
    Intelligent single photon counting module
    Remote maintenance and upgrade
    Software define immunoassay
    Automatic optical inspection
  • Whole chain controllable

    Whole chain controllable

    One-stop service including upstream manufactured parts,
    instrument customization,
    reagent development,
    OEM and CDMO etc.
  • 5A products

    5A products



  • Illumaxbio is constantly striving to be a global point-of-care innovator.
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About Company

Illumaxbio, founded in August 2018, is committed to achieving the whole chain control through core innovation and providing cost-effective clinical immunoassay and molecular diagnostic systems for clinic. Illumabio strive to become an innovator in the global in vitro diagnosis segment in the next 10 years.

The founding team of Illumaxbio has been working in the IVD industry for many years, with strong research & development ability and industrialization ability. By breaking through the upstream core components, integrating cutting-edge technology, and precise market positioning, we achieve diversified competition and provide customers with 5A (Anytime, Anyplace, Anyone, Affordable, Accuracy) products.

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Xingpeng Zhang,the founder and CEO of illumaxbio, received BMEE from Xi’an Jiao Tong University, and MBA from University of Electronic Science and Technology of China. He has been engaged in the IVD R & D and manufacturing for 20 years. The core team start their in-vitro diagnostic R&D career from 2006, they have comprehensive experience in CLIA system, flow cytometry, lab automation, clinical chemistry analyzer etc. They are committed to developing innovative IVD products for the global market.